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Engagement Models

The delivery of services from The Marketing Beacon is uniquely designed for your specific needs.  Each engagement model takes into account your business situation and how our services are best applied to serve you.  Through our unique Virtual Marketing Officer (VMO), Supplemental Expertise and Point Solutions & Special Projects engagement models, we can provide the right marketing solution for your company.

Virtual Marketing Officerâ„¢ (VMO) - fully outsourced marketing model

Through an engagement model we call the Virtual Marketing Officer (VMO), we become the marketing arm of your company by developing and executing a marketing roadmap designed specifically for your business. Playing a strategic and integral role in your company, we will focus marketing efforts that drive revenue growth. As your VMO, we will perform all marketing activity in your company as indicated on the marketing roadmap and progress according to the stages in the marketing excellence continuum. Our responsibility is to reach your objectives by following the roadmap - steering clear of obstacles, danger zones and dead-end paths.

Supplemental Expertise - to enhance existing marketing infrastructure

This service is designed for those companies who already have in-house marketing resources, but may be limited by experience in certain marketing functions.  In these situations, The Marketing Beacon provides services that enhance an existing function by filling marketing gaps that may exist.  As with the VMO model, it is highly recommended that all marketing execution is performed according to a custom-designed marketing roadmap which specifies strategic direction and tactical components.  This enables a company to execute those elements within the roadmap that they prefer to handle while outsourcing the remainder to The Marketing Beacon.  As a result, this teaming arrangement provides full marketing expertise for a company by combining their resources with those from The Marketing Beacon.

Point Solutions & Special Projects - for addressing specific marketing needs

When companies are faced with a particular marketing challenge or special project, The Marketing Beacon offers solutions designed to specifically address these situations.  Sometimes these are issues that need to be addressed immediately or have always been a thorn in the side of your business.  In other cases, this involves projects such as advertising programs, brochure requirements, public relations campaigns, branding refresh and positioning development, trade show assistance, loyalty programs, lead generation strategies, web site development and more.  As with our other services, we take a similar approach to dig deep to unearth where and how these marketing challenges have become problematic or to pinpoint the desired outcome of your marketing project. We then formulate, execute and manage a solution that aligns with your business goals.