The Marketing BeaconMarketing Know How


Many companies today struggle with various marketing issues without really knowing the potential impact these challenges may have on their business.  As a result, companies experience mediocre and disappointing marketing results from initiatives that failed to support the strategic plan of the business.  The good news – it doesn’t have to be like this.

Our goal is to raise the effectiveness of your marketing programs and how they directly impact the performance of your business. Simply put, our marketing services are about business growth… pure & simple.  Simple and affordable defines our approach, a tenacious demand for quality defines our standards, and a proven record of success reflects the Lord's favor.

“The Marketing Beacon will treat you with the utmost respect, delivering the highest customer care following moral and ethical standards. You can expect to receive straight-forward, honest, proven and dependable business services that deliver outstanding value for your investment.”

We provide dependable and reliable marketing services that guide our client's efforts in the right direction, and that is why the business takes the name the Beacon.  Just as lighthouses for centuries have guided mariners to safe havens, The Marketing Beacon sheds light on the proper path that will help grow your business… pure & simple..

As in any business venture and as the mariner realizes, there are often rocky peninsulas, fog-hidden uncertainties and unpredictable storms that can wreak havoc on your marketing initiatives. We'll spotlight the best route for your marketing efforts and warn you from the dangers that can steer you off the pathway to success. The light of the Beacon serves as your dependable business guide.