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My father’s business, The House of 10,000 Picture Frames

The entrepreneurial 'spark' is said to originate from different aspects of life – a better idea, identifying a new market, solving a problem. But, most agree it’s inborn. There’s a certain passion that burns deep inside where a person realizes that their contributions as a business owner will have a much greater impact than being an employee. The beauty of this fact is that both types of people exist in harmony and within balance.

For me, it must have been inborn. Early in my life, my father worked for a large, mega-corporation in Atlanta, Georgia. Recognizing his internal ‘spark’, he pursued the life of a business owner by opening his own retail picture frame store over 40 years ago. This store provided for our family and gave my father numerous opportunities to impact our local economy.

Growing up in this environment made me often wonder what it would be like to do something similar one day. I fondly recall several conversations my father and I had about his business – even when I was barely a teenager. Although I didn’t pursue his particular business, I did follow a similar career path.

After spending many years in the Fortune 100 corporate world, then with a smaller regional manufacturer and finally with a technology start-up company, I couldn’t ignore the ‘spark’ within me. Like my father, I pursued the dream and leveraged the years of my experience to create a business that contributes to others. And that’s really why we’re here.

Small businesses have enough battles to fight, so why not make life a bit easier for them by delivering services that are specifically tailored for their businesses. We feel we do.

Our goal is to consistently provide marketing solutions based on real-world experience that helps grow businesses. It’s our calling and it’s what we’ll always do. The inspirational ‘spark’ within will burn bright on your behalf.

Dedicated to my father,

Earl H. Russell, Jr. (1932-2012)
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