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Market Research - InfoSearch

Effective business decision processes depend on relevant data. This is especially critical when a business is considering new products, business expansions, market penetration strategies and similar planning activities. Launched in 1993, InfoSearch is the marketing research arm of The Marketing Beacon. Both primary and secondary research initiatives can be implemented to assist customers in gathering then analyzing key data for intelligent decision making.

Primary research typically involves custom designed programs specific to a particular business need. These include focus groups, surveys, observations, sampling, interviews and similar statistical methods to create data models that can be properly analyzed.

Secondary research includes analysis of existing data points such as those found in reports, ratings, white papers, research findings and previously existing information.

Lead Generation – LeadSource

Maintaining a healthy sales lead pipeline is a must for nearly every business entity. LeadSource, initiated in 1993, is the lead generation services arm of The Marketing Beacon. Creating opportunities for your sales team through activities purposed for developing leads and qualifying them is the focal point of these services. The idea is to keep the sales pipeline balanced with activity that feeds the front end of the funnel through production of qualified opportunities for your sales team. Services include marketing programs custom-designed to generate new opportunities and those purposed for nurturing and cultivating existing leads.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your marketing challenges to determine how we can best serve your business through InfoSearch and LeadSource. Contact us to schedule an introductory meeting.

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