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Playing Your Game May Require Adjustments to Win

Playing Your Game May Require Adjustments to Win

Playing Your Game May Require Adjustments to Win

In most sports, we learn how to compete as a team where each player makes a contribution. A team is coached to learn techniques, strategy and execution in order to win games. Over time, a team begins to compete by “playing their game” which means they have a fairly predictable way of playing against their competitors. In most cases, a team will lean on this approach when they begin winning their games on a consistent basis. That’s a good thing!

For marketing your business, “playing your game” can work most of the time – and it should. Every so often, however, circumstances dictate a tweak or change to your marketing strategy. This is why you need to remain nimble and flexible.

Why it matters

This is especially true in your marketing strategy and execution. The markets and competitive landscape change so much that it’s almost impossible to do things the exact same way and expect stellar results. Influences from technology, new marketing techniques, and how prospects prefer to engage with your
business can all impact how you “play your game”.

Think about it from a sports perspective. How many times have you seen a football, basketball, baseball or other game where a team had to adjust their game plan in midstream? It happens because a quarterback successfully completes all of his passes; a point guard hits several 3-pointers in a row; or a pitcher strikes out every batter he faces. In each situation, the opposing team makes an adjustment because their “game plan” no longer works. They counter this by putting more pressure on the quarterback; double-teaming the point guard; and displaying a greater level of patience in the batter’s box to wear down the pitcher.

Flex your muscles

In a similar way, always evaluate your marketing opportunities to determine if any adjustments are required. You have to size up your competition on a consistent basis so that strategic tweaks can be made to ensure you edge them out. Sometimes an aggressive competitor or unusual market circumstances may dictate your marketing adjustments. Maybe this means you have to place greater emphasis on a specific product offering or service solution to create a competitive advantage. It might mean you have to increase your market visibility to dilute a competitor’s advertising message or market presence.

Whatever the situation, take action and avoid doing things the same way. When your marketing becomes mundane, the market may blow right past you. Complacency and ruts are dangerous. That’s why being flexible is important – it allows you to make strategic marketing shifts when needed.

Design your marketing strategy in a way that works for your business, but also in a manner that creates opportunities to win. While the same marketing game plan may work most of the time, be prepared to modify your approach for those times when your marketing needs to be kicked into a higher gear.

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