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The Beacon Company Delivers Custom Marketing Tools for Two Client Companies

For Evan Rutherford, a strategic marketing roadmap was developed and executed on behalf of the client.  Deliverables included branding, direct mail planning, web site launch and collateral development.  The objective of the strategic plan and specific marketing tools is to increase Evan Rutherford’s market presence and pinpoint new business opportunities.

The Beacon Company designed, developed and launched a web site for the newly formed PWC Group.  The web project included interface design, content creation, testing and official launch.  The PWC Group site was created to provide the company with a communication vehicle for prospects and to promote the company’s newly published book, “The Selling Machine”, which can be purchased directly from the web site. 

About Evan Rutherford

Evan Rutherford provides financial expertise that transitions data into business intelligence to strategically grow companies toward stated performance objectives and bottom line improvements.  Evan Rutherford helps client companies manage business challenges related to growth, profitability, valuation, strategic planning and even financial crisis.  For more information, visit

About PWC Group

PWC Group is a sales consulting firm that delivers sales training, coaching, outsourced business development and special projects all centered on driving new sales opportunities.  PWC uses their proprietary six-step sales methodology called The Selling Machine which teaches a transferable process tailored to a client’s specific requirements.  For more information, visit